Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chat - Thing 20

I haven't managed to chat with OFL (our fearless leader, Jennifer!) because I am always doing my assignments deep in the night and oddly enough, she never seems to be at work then! But we use Meebo at work, and I figure there is always something new to learn, so here's what my question.

I noticed that Jennifer's meebo chat widget does not accept messages when she is offline. We use meebo (I'm karrielts1) on our research guides, and ours are always open even when we are offline. I checked the settings tab but cannot figure out how to change mine so it doesn't accept mesages when I'm not online. Probably I would never do that - but it raised another question in my mind. I get almost no messages, so I'm wondering what happens when someone puts in a message and I'm offline. I tested this by sending a message to my coworker (who should be home having turkey right now!!) and asked him to tell me when he sees my message. I do need to understand what happens to messages sent me when I'm offline... Feel free to chat me up at karrielts1 so I can actually experience my meebo!!
I was fascinated by dmoz, and went astray there checking into web meetings and web conferencing....
I also got sidetracked when I went to the official blog of OFL and saw squidoo. Now that looks interesting. The books for out of the box reading, wow! Is it any wonder I keep falling behind?

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