Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Library Thing etc

Just now, browsing there for the first time in a long while, I rediscovered a favorite author of mine, Mary Lee Settle!

Library Thing works for me generally speaking. I have used it off and on in the past to find vacation reading. for some reason, I prefer to use Library Thing over the usual library catalogs when I am looking for leisure reading, maybe because it feels more like browsing a bookstore, or maybe just because library catalogs feel too much like work and remind me of the stacks of professional reading I should be taking on my vacation, in order to catch up! I like the tagging esp because of the way it meanders.

I looked for books on the American Revolution set in Boston and had to reorganize my tagging several times to get a good list. I didn't figure out how to exclude juvenile fiction, and I couldn't generate books written/published in a certain time frame which I would have liked to do. This is pretty much how I find stuff to read, that and going into used book stores. The Facebook app didn't appeal to me -- I'm not that interested in what my friends are reading unless they are talking to me about what they liked about it. I'm pretty unlikely to read a book just because my friend is reading it.

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