Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thing 19

Social Bookmarking - this seems like the most complicated thing we've done, or at least Delicious seems more confusing and complex to me than any of the other sites.

I made my account, imported my bookmarks from Firefox, edited them and figured out (I think!) how to share and not share my bookmarks, and used Delicious tags to find other sites about Bhangra, a type of Punjabi folk music that's become popular.

I still haven't figured out any intermediate tasks with tagging - bundling, etc.

Clipping, on the other hand, was a lot simpler -- I cliped something and added it to my Facebook page, but I wasn't that thrilled with the result, readers have to click through Clipmarks to actually get to the the blog I was featuring...I'll have to think about how that will really be advntageous to use.

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the zak said...

What mechanisms, devices, templates are there around the web for library users interested in keeping track of their reference enquiries over the years?...