Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thing 21

I looked at both LibriVox (wow!!!) and Project Gutenberg, which I haven't visited for awhile. I spent a little time looking at texts from Mary Roberts Rinehart, but decided to review the sci fi story written by my hero, Richard Stallman. His story is called The Right to Read.
Here's the link:

I decided to revisit this story after looking at the World Public Library site, which frankly, creeped me out. The "About" page didn't really tell me anything about them. To me they appear to be a commercial company co-opting the the word "library" and it just reeked of Stallman's ominous story. Basically his message is that we had better defend our right to share or we will find ourselves monitored as pirates every moment of our online lives. Another interesting aspect of the online book is the header which has his rather lengthy copyright instructions, in which he tries to lay out a process where anyone using his story for commercial gain will end up having to contribute money to Project Gutenberg!

I can't believe I've lived within 2 townships of MIT for 2 years and haven't gone to find Richard Stallman in person and give him flowers or something...!

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Jorgon Gorgon said...

Woo! I agree completely, and if I ever come into possession of some banned texts, I will make sure that you get a copy.

NB: "Texts" includes software, media of any sort, and possibly 3D models...:)