Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thing #26

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While I'm waiting for my Zanby registration to go through, I will take some time to thank Jennifer for this truly wonderful course. It's been a transformative experience for me, a chance to use all these social networking tools and reflect on how they enable us to do what we all want to do (manage boatloads of incoming information, have a personal life, stay connected with colleagues, discover useful content and make it our own, share content we create, and so on). Jennifer, I've been "dining out" on your class for weeks, telling the tales of my latest discoveries!

OK, I'm back from a tour of Zanby. I like it, but it doesn't seem to have reached critical mass in my area yet. Searched all kinds of interests (NATIVE PLANTS, EARLY MUSIC, BHANGRA, ETC) and didn't come up with much. The search-by-zipcode function seems to be messed up, but it was easy enough to browse towns in Mass. These sorts of web services are terrific for people new to an area - and as I have lived here only 2 years, I am still looking around for ways to get to know the area better.

I'm sorry to see the class come to an end. I'm hoping to go back over some of the lessons during the holiday break in December!

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